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Air Purifier Camera with DVR (audio & video)

Security recording made easy and economical with our new line of self-contained, covert digital video recorder/cameras. Motion activated real time
video or high-resolution "still shots" are recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. All recording are time/date stamped for
professional security applications. Every system includes (2) 1Gb SD cards.
Personal Air Purifier -Completely functional small personal air purifier. Hidden camera views out front at a slightly upward angle. SD card slot hidden
behind removable filter. Replacement filters are available at Wal-Mart stores.

User Friendly -Totally Covert - Unit is "armed" by simply pressing the power button on the included IR remote control. No "tell-tale" extra lights or
switches insure a totally covert system.
Custom User Settings - User settings are easily changed by simply connecting the unit into the "Video in" of your TV/Monitor via the supplied RCA
cable and pressing the menu button on remote control. User recording options include 30fps standard resolution (320 X 240) video recording or
high-Resolution (640 X 480) at 5,4,3,2, or 1fps (user selectable) Motion activation sensitivity is adjustable to operate effectively in most any
Two Playback Options - Recorded images/video can be played back directly from the unit by simply connecting the included RCA cable to your
TV/Monitor and touching the play button on IR remote control. SD card can also be removed from unit and played on your PC via included SD card
reader. Playback speed can be changed to 2X or 4X. No additional PC software needed.
Everything Included:
No extra costs! Air Purifier with built in DVR/Camera, one 4Gb SD card , USB SD card reader with extension cable, RCA video connector cable for
use with your TV/Monitor, IR remote control, and instruction manual.


JPEG (Still Shot Image) Resolution 640 X 480
640 x 480 Resolution @ 5,4,3,2, or 1 fps (User Selectable)
MPEG4 (30fps real time video) Resolution 320 X 240
Low Light Color CCD Camera .05 Lux 420 LOR
Adjustable Motion Activation
1X,2X, or 4X Playback Speed
Upgradeable firmware via SD card for future upgrades
Image size dependant on amount of motion (25kb ~ 160kb @ 30fps)
Time/Date Stamp (when played back from unit on TV/Monitor)
Uses windows media player on SD card playback (PC)
Supports up to 32Gb SD card
Approximate Video Record time 2.5 Hours per 1Gb

$475 Air Purifier Camera with DVR
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