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Bionic Ear

The Bionic Ear and Booster is the Original Sound Amplifier. With this device, you can magnify faint or distant sounds with a clarity you never
thought possible. Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct microphone toward a distant conversation for
surveillance or personal safety. Record bird calls and other sounds with the recorder output jack located on the microphone. The Bionic Ear and
Booster is the only pinpointed amplifier of its size available to the consumer market.

"Hear a faint cry for help" or "Record a conversation 100 yards away."

Use the Bionic Ear to focus on sounds 100 yards away in the direction it is pointed. Record surrounding sounds using the output jack to analyze
for clues later. To protect your hearing, sounds will momentarily shutoff at 95 decibels. Further pinpoint sounds and reduce background noise
with the Bionic Booster. The 12" diameter parabolic dish (Booster) is an accessory for the Bionic Ear.

The Bionic Ear amplifies sound by 40 decibels using one 9-volt battery that lasts 40 hours. The headphones weigh 7.2 ounces and the handheld
microphone weighs 6.2 ounces. The Booster weighs 14.4 ounces. You will appreciate the amplification of the Bionic Ear and Booster for
surveillance, law enforcement, personal security, search & rescue, hunting, hard-of-hearing, wildlife observation, outdoor adventures, camping,
birdwatching, and much more.


FOCUS on sounds in the direction you point the microphone.
AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF circuit shuts off sounds over 95 decibels so loud
sounds are not amplified.
INDEPENDENT VOLUME CONTROLS allows you to select best amplification for each ear so you can adjust for individual hearing
OUTPUT JACK to record what you hear.
OPERATES on one 9 volt battery for 40 hours of continuous use.
WRIST STRAPS ACCESSORY Elastic bands attach the microphone to your forearm for hands-free operation.

Technical Specs

Frequency Response: 100-10 Khz (-3 dB response)
Gain Amp cut off at 90dB
Overall System Gain: 40 dB typical
Line In Jack Impedence: Max 10V (DC = Peak AC)
Mic Sensitivity: -46 dB (0 dB = 1V/PA)
Power Requirements: 9V

$350  Bionic Ear and Booster
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