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Bug Scanner

This NEW Key chain sized Analog & Digital Bug Scanner detector is great for finding those hidden wireless cameras, tracking
devices, wireless microphones & and phone taps. Blinking light and beeping sound will easily  guide you towards all types of
illegal eavesdropping devices . Analog (spyfinder) or Digital (Wi-fi) switch allows you to check out the entire room, then
\"home-in\" on the bug.


·   Wide Range Detection: Ranging from 1MHz to 6GHz (6000MHz)
·   Automatic scanning mode: one touch leads you to hidden cameras to within 6 - 8 inches
·   Mini, pocket size, small size makes it easily portable - Carry it everywhere


·   Detecting wireless hidden cameras
·   Detecting wireless bugging devices such as telephone transmitter and hidden microphones
·   Detecting GPS & RF tracking devices
·   Detecting “HOT SPOT” Wi-fi areas for Internet use
·   Detecting telephone line eavesdroping devices
·   Detecting mobile phone interception devices


·   Frequency Detection Range: 1MHz~6GHz

$85  Bug Scanner
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