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Digital Color Night Vision Camera

A revolution in Night Vision!

Affordable quality night vision without the traditional problems inherent in the old harmful  green intensifier tubes. The Digital Vision is
unaffected by bright lights and can even be used in daylight. The Digital Vision secret is in the advanced low-light digital technology that
allows the sensor to read infrared and near infrared that is invisible to the human eye.

Not only can you see in the dark you can also record what you see with any video recorder that will accept a standard RCA style video cable.
This feature alone makes this unit ideal for covert night surveillance and monitoring.  The clarity and resolution of our digital night vision
system is stunning.

Exceptional quality makes this night vision system great for many different uses.

   Color Display Screen
   RCA Video Output
   IR Illumination
   Built in Power Source

Now law enforcement, private investigators, and video enthusiasts can capture the action at night. Whether you are monitoring suspicious
activity or just enjoying nature at night this system is right for you.
Have you ever heard a noise at night outside your home and turned on the lights to find that a suspect might have left the scene. Turning on
the light might have alerted the thief to return at a more convenient time. Now you can turn on our Digital Night Vision system and see them
without them seeing you. Capturing enough information to provide the police with a description of the would be thief. Catch vandals damaging
your property, business or home.

System includes:

   Color night vision viewer
   Built in rechargeable battery
   Battery charger

Accessory Lens Recommended $250


D-Vision 6x Lens
Lens easily attaches to the D-Vision viewer for
greater viewing possibilities via the c-mount lens attachment.
$1,650 Digital Color Night Vision Camera
$1,900   Digital Color Night Vision Camera
               plus accessory lens

Please contact us for payment information.

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