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Anyone who spends time outdoors will appreciate the peace of mind provided by the ultrasonic deterrent Dog Dazer. Whether you are threatened by an aggressive dog, thoroughly annoyed by the neighbor's dog who won't stop barking, or just need to keep dogs away because of an allergy, this dog ultrasonic deterrent will save the day. It works with ultrasonic technology that people can't hear it, but dogs can. It's lightweight and clips handily to your belt so you can have it with you wherever you are. Protect yourself and your family and preserve the peace in the neighborhood. Don't let bad-mannered dogs spoil your outdoor fun.


If you spend time on foot outdoors, you may someday meet up with an aggressive dog. Some dogs just like to intimidate people, but there's no way of knowing which ones will end up biting. Keep the dog dazer ultrasonic deterrent with you so you'll have a means of defense.

Experts advise facing an approaching dog, but don't make direct eye contact. Do not turn away, and do not run. Such actions would incite a dog to chase after you. Press the button on the Dazer ultrasonic deterrent to activate it when the dog is about 30 feet away. The device may not work as well if the dog is closer than 15 feet, so be ready to use it as soon as you see the dog.

Many people spend time outdoors for work and for play. Walkers, joggers, runners, mail carriers, and meter readers are just a few examples of people who could benefit from having a Dog Dazer clipped to their belt.


Dogs love to chase bicycles. Some of them only want to play, but others are truly aggressive. You can't know which kind of dog is running toward you on the bike, but even the merely playful dog is dangerous to a bicyclist. It may get tangled in your bicycle and make you crash, or it may cause you to swerve into traffic.

The Dog Dazer ultrasonic deterrent is a welcome alternative to spray deterrents. On a bicycle, it's hard to aim the spray where it needs to be, and there is always the risk of the spray blowing into the cyclist's own eyes. With this ultrasonic device, you can simply press the button and stop the dog before it gets close enough to cause trouble. And the high frequency waves won't hurt the dog.

The Dog Dazer has a low-battery indicator, so you can always have the juice when you need it. Take it along every time you ride, and those habitual trouble-making dogs will soon learn not to approach you

Everyone has had the aggravation of a neighborhood dog that just won't stop barking. Or maybe the neighbor's dog comes onto your property to use it as a bathroom. If the dog owners won't take responsibility, what can you do?

Now you can fix the problem yourself without a nasty confrontation with your neighbor. It will take some attentiveness and repetition, but the Dog Dazer ultrasonic deterrent will convince that dog to change its behavior. Dogs don't like the high frequency sound. Users report that a barking dog will stop and even run away when the Dog Dazer is used on it. Reviews say that a charging dog will pause; repeated doses of the Dazer may be necessary to convince an aggressive dog to stop and turn away.

Be aware of the limitations of the dog ultrasonic deterrent. It will not work through a solid surface like walls, fences, or window glass. It won't, of course, work on a deaf dog. And dogs are individuals just like people, so there will be some that just aren't affected by it. Even so, the Dog Dazer is a good tool to have in your arsenal when dealing with dogs.
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