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Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

High level  emmissions of Electromagnetic Radiation are very harmfull for health and it is up
to you to testyour surrounding environment frequently and report dangerous EMF radiation
to the proper authorities.
Use the Electromagnetic Radiation Tester daily to measure the EMF strength of every every
electrical device in your home, workplace, school, near outdoor power lines, underground
cables, and even when you travel or shop for appliances.
Health concerns about the negative effects of EMF radiation from appliances, microwave
ovens, power lines and home wiring have forced the US Government to issue a warning to
use "Prudent avoidance" to help reduce your exposure to this risk.
Since we are constantly surounded by EMF radiation, it may be impossible to totaly avoid it.
This is why the EMF tester is an excellent tool to help you to measure the potentially
harmful fields and determine the safe range and to help you to avoid and reduce harmful
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$235  Electromagnetic Radiation Tester
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