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Spy Necktie Camcorder (video & audio)

License to Film! This great undercover DVR fashionable Spy camera in a Tie offers next level surveillance with video and audio recording
that is suitable for the office, trade show, business meetings etc.

It may be an innocent looking tie, but it secretly houses a 4GB DVR kit with a built-in high capacity 500mA rechargeable polymer Li-battery,
and can be triggered to record as far as 10 meters away using a wireless key chain remote controller.

With its perfectly hidden pin hole camera, this Spy Gadget can record up to 3 hours per single recharge, there by allowing you record
dozens of video clips with out having to worry about battery power. This Spy Camera Tie with Wireless Remote surveillance gadget is
perfect for Journalists on assignments, sting operations, Law enforcement, private investigators, you name it. It’s perfect for everyone!

This DVR spy tie gadget is a plug and play device, meaning once you've finished recording, all you have to do is open the secrete
compartment within the tie from the back side, and insert it into any USB port on your laptop or computer. Then, enjoy watching those
easy earned surveillance recordings.

This tie DVR spy gadget is easy to operate, it comes with an easy-to-use toggle on/off master switch, so when you're ready to record, just
press the remote button for 2 seconds and the LED will indicate that the DVR within the Ties has started recording. Then flip the Tie over
(the LED indicator light is on the backside) and you're ready to go!

At a Glance...

· Spy Camera
· Built-in 4GB DVR
· Records audio & video
· Classic business style Tie
· Remote control for extra fun
· Built in USB port for easy data transfer

Manufacturer Specifications

· Main Function: Tie Spy DVR Video and Audio Recorder with Remote Control
· Material:
        - Tie - 100 % Polyester
        - DVR - High Grade ABS
· Power: Built in rechargeable polymer Li-battery 500mA
· Flash Memory: 4GB
· Color: Blue - with White & light Blue Squares
· Record format: AVI (Motion JPEG)
· Frames Per Second (FPS): 30
· Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480 at 30FPS
· Audio Codec: PCM Audio, 8000Hz 64 kb/s (1 chnl)
· Buttons: Power ON/OFF
· Indicators: LED status indicator (faces in ward/body side of the tie)
· Working Time: Up to 3 hrs, standby up to 2 days depending on use
· Remote: Power: 27A, 12V
· Interface: USB Port
· Power Adapter: USB Wall Adapter - AC 100 - 250V, DC5V, 200 - 400mA
· Dimensions (mm):
         - Tie - L:490 x W:40 (mm)
         - DVR - L:130 x W:45 x D:10 (mm)
· Supported OS: Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ VISTA / MACOS / linux.


· 4GB built in Flash memory
· Great for wanna be spy agents
· Great for spy agents as well
· Stylish tie, 100% Polyester goes with any shirt
· Record interviews, business meeting, going out in the evening parties

Package Contents:

· Tie Spy DVR Video and Audio Recorder + Remote Control
· Key Chain Wireless Remote
· USB Power Adapter
· USB Cable
· User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Spy Camera Tie with Wireless Remote need any software in order to be connected to a computer?

No, this spy camera tie is a plug an play device, it requires not software’s installations at all. Just insert it into any free USB port on your
laptop or computer.

Is this spy camera tie waterproof?
No, this spy camera tie is not waterproof.

$185  Spy Necktie Camcorder
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