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Now Verification Mode - Detects RF, Infrared, and Telephone Transmitters

Introducing the most powerful and efficient portable countermeasures set available on the market. Manufactured for us by a leading TSCM product
manufacturer under very strict military standards, this product is designed to detect a multitude of privacy invasion signals for the RF band
including full range 20Khz-8Ghz (analog and digital). The infrared probe detects hi tech, long distance Laser and  infrared listening devices and the
telephone line injector probe detects any transmitter on a phone line.

Verification mode decodes the RF signal for monitoring the actual audio or video transmission, allowing for easy location of hidden
microphone/transmitters and eliminating normal RF radio transmissions (such as a nearby radio station, cordless or mobile telephone and
concealed transmitters using the latest GSM-3G and Bluetooth or WiFi wireless networks).

The broadband receiver is designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including:

Room Transmitters (Analog and Digital)
Carrier Current Transmitters
Infrared and Laser Listening Devices
GSM Bugs
GPS Tracking Devices
Telephone Transmitters
Body Bugs
Video Transmitters using Digital or Analog technology

It is a vital & cost-effective tool for professional sweep (TSCM) teams, government security personel, and private citizens with important security

Effective for rapidly detecting and locating transmitted signals, while being very easy to learn to use.
Includes both monitor and detection modes.
Indicates RF strength signal and demodulates the receiving signal using both AM & FM signal processing.

Frequency Ranges
VLF Band
20-400 KHz
RF Band
400 KHz - 8 GHz
VLF Probe
Frequency Response
20-400 KHz
-35 dBm
RF Probes
Frequency Response
400KHz - 3 GHz / 1.5 - 8 GHz
40 dB Center Range
-50 dBm
Audio Amplifier
Frequency Response
50 Hz - 16 KHz
Dynamic Range
80 dB
Headphone Output
2 x 16 Characters
Alert Output
Variable Tone
2 x AA Alkaline - Life 10-16 Hr
Low Battery Indicator
30% remaining power
AC Charger (Option)

·Carry Case
·Low Frequency Antenna
·High Frequency Antenna
·Infrared/Carrier Current Probe
·Phone Line injection unit
·Stereo Headphones and Instructions.
$880  Hand-Held Professional TSCM Bug Finder
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