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Tele Data Tap Detector

The Tele-Data Guard keeps calls private. The Tele-Data Guard alerts the user if someone has picked up an extension, when the Tele-
Data Guard is installed on all extensions, the extension you pick up automatically disconnects the others.

Warns against phone tapping and extension eaves-dropping while protecting your private phone conversation. Indicates status with
phone privacy indicator light and features a By-Pass button. Eliminates modem interruption during data transfer and isolates extensions
during fax transmission or reception. Replaces phone/data switch and reduces the need for dedicated lines for credit card checkers. No
AC/DC and no batteries required. Easy installation.


Green LED alert light
Signals whether line is in use
Protects faxes and modems from interruption
No batteries required


2 1/2? x 1 7/8? x 1 1/4?
$95 Tele Data Tap Detector
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