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USB DVR & Wireless Micro Audio/Video Camera

This tiny wireless micro audio/video camera just a bit larger then a pencil eraser, can be quickly discuised even in the smallest objects like
Teddy Bear, Book, Clock, Purifier, Artificial Plant or a  Motion Sensor. It can be easily & effectivelly used to monitor all types of illegal activities
and suspected terrorist plotings. It can transmit crysp & clear live video & audio clips to it's receiver built into a USB stick and plugged into a
PC, Laptop or television with USB inputs. The USB receiver itself has a separate Video/Audio input which can be connected to any TV, Tablet
or monitor with Video/Audio input.

USB Digital Receiver specification:
1. Send e-mails & attachments with color images.
2. Save images on Hard Disk.
3. Sound activated alarm.
4. Video signal filter,  to deactivate Invalid channels.
5. Signal lost alarm.
6. Motion Detection.
7. Adjustable sensitivity.
8. Automatically locks, while not in operation
9. Schedule Monitoring sessions.
10. Record live video/audio (with USB2.0 audio interface),  or snap shot.
11. Automatic Space Management. Stops recorder or overides when disk full.
12. Support 4 Channel video/audio on one computer.
13. Support on Screen Display. Display date and time and channel

Micro Camera :
Transmission Frequency: Digital  2.4GHz with 4 selectable channels
Transmission Power: 10mW/CE2Mw/FCC
Imaging Sensor Type: CMOS(PAL)(NTSC)
CMOS Total Pixels: 0.3MPixel
Horizontal Resolution: 380TV Lines
View Angle: 55 degrees C
Minimum Illumination: 3Lux/F1.2
Power Supply: DC3.7-5.5V 200mA
Operating Temperature: -10 degrees c ~+50 degrees c
Storage Temperature: -20 degrees c ~+60 degrees
Operating Humidity: 85%RH
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$195  USB DVR & Wireless Micro Audio/Video Camera
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