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USB Digital Phone Recorder

The Stealth USB Phone Recorder makes it an inexpensive and easy solution for the individual to record telephone calls. With three easy steps
to configure the system and then load the software on your computer, you can be ready to record calls in less than 10 minutes from start to

Ideal for anyone who needs to capture important data from telephone conversations.
Recording telephone calls lets you stay focused on the telephone conversation thus
eliminating the need to be distracted by trying to take notes.


Realtors - record transaction details with all parties
Technical Support Personnel - record support calls
Insurance Agents - Record claims, disputes, etc.
Attorneys - Record client calls
Sales - Record transactions for verification
And so many more applications....


It records telephone conversations & saves recorded files to PC
Instant playback
Add notes to recorded files
Automatically time & date stamps recorded files
Send recording via emails
Search recording by keywords, phone numbers, time, contact names
Record incoming and outgoing calls
Easy to install
Easy to use
Easy Setup:

Included:         One extra small size recorder adapter
                         USB Recorder Software (CD)
                         One USB cable
                         One Telephone Wire

$250 USB Digital Phone Recorder
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