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Tactical Ball DVR With Motion Sensor

Chances are by now you have seen other micro DVRs on the market. Although none of them compare to our newest product the
BallDVR/Motion. The latest Ball DVR is roughly the size of a golf ball and can outperform its much larger counterparts by ten fold. This
incredible new device is capable of some of the most amazing color video that you will ever see! Just charge it, set on a bookshelf or
counter in your home, hang it around your neck or even wear it on your arm with the included sports band and prepare to be a witness to one
of the most interesting jumps in technology to date. Best of all this latest version supports full motion detection! Don't be fooled by other
inferior models that lack these amazing features.


All in one DVR with a built-in Camera, Microphone, Flash Memory, MP3 Player, and Rechargeable Battery.
Motion Activation
Slightly smaller than a Regulation size golf ball.
Memory expansion via Built-In Micro SD card Slot
Easy Playback through your TV, VGA compatible PC
Time/Date stamped video


Camera Type: CMOS (60 degrees, under 1 LUX)
Photo Resolution: 640 x 480 (Pixels)
Video Resolution: 320 x 240 (Pixels) Up to 30 FPS
Internal Memory: 128 MB Flash Memory
Optional Memory: Micro SD up to 16GB
Recording Methods: Continuous/ Power Save (Motion Detection)
Video Compression: MPEG 4 + Starnex's own Algorithm
Built-In Microphone
Mass Storage Capacity Average Recording Time: (continuous recording) 48 hours
Motion Sensitive: (64-576 hours) these times are based off of a 16GB Micro SD Card
Battery Life: 2.5 Hours of Continuous Use, Motion Sensitive 4-48 hours
Size: 1.5" (diameter)
Weight: 20g (0.04lbs)

$320  Tactical Ball DVR With Motion Sensor
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