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Movie themed bedrooms - Home or boardroom theater design ideas - Hollywood style decor

Want a front-row seat at your own movie theater? If you are interested in re-creating the movie experience at home or at your boardroom, then
look no further!

Achieve a realistic "movie theater" experience in your own home or business and entertain your family,  guests or business associates in
Hollywood celebrity style.

Let your Movie themed rooms transport you to the bright lights of  Hollywood's Tinseltown.

Whether you opt for a lavish old Hollywood theme style movie room or a more modern style approach, let us help you to design and experience
that Tinseltown experience at your own castle.

Design considerations for your home theater/media/cinema rooms:

- furnishings, comfort, setting up entertainment spaces, get-togethers,  - while factoring in style, functionality, new technology, acoustic
planning, soundproofing, lighting, and environmental and personal health considerations.
Decorate your star-studded cinema with Hollywood themed accessories like:

Film rolls  -   Film reels  -  movie cameras  -  movie clapboards  -  spotlights  -  director's chairs  -  neon lighting  -  juke boxes  -  top
hats  -  popcorn machines  - etc...

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